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Utility Doors
The Series 99 Insulated Utility Door from PLYCO has an attractive, low maintenance appearance. It's easy to install, durable and saves energy - all with your budget in mind! Compare the quality features of these utility doors with any utility door and you will soon see why this has quickly become the most popular model of walk-in door.
1. Polyurethane Foam core - The material resists warpage, swelling, shrinking and attack from vermin and insects. It is odorless, sound deadening and possesses superior 9.5 R-factor insulating qualities.

2. Full-perimeter weatherstripping. Special sweep available for use with in-swinging applications.

3. Unique process of bonding skins to solid foam core minimizes delamination, bowing or sagging and assures years of maintenance-free service.

4. Special back-set plate assures added strength for mounted hinge.

5. Durable white painted embossed steel skins standard. Non-corrosive fiberglass or aluminum skins optional.

6. Three 4x4 butt hinges per door prevent wracking and assures smooth positive operation.

7. Keyed lockset with satin finish features dead bolt for security and adjustable latch plate.

8. High tensile aluminum panel surround with reinforced corners for maximum strength.
The following components - options and accessories available for all Everlast Series
Alternate Lockset
Recognizing the extreme corrosion problems prevalent in animal confinement buildings, a standard barn latch is available on special orders, as additional blocking in door panels is required.

Fixed Pinned Hinges
Available for added security - an option.

Panel Styles Available
Steel (ST), Fiberglass (FG), & Aluminum (AL)
Durable white painted embossed steel skins standard. Non-corrosive fiberglass or aluminum skins optional.

A full wrap corrugated carton contains all components necessary for finished door assembly. Cartons may be stacked for storage purposes.
Deadbolt keyed lockset, exterior type, panels bored 2 1/8" diameter with 2 3/4" backset. Lockset packaged in door carton. Heavy-duty, passage and dead lock can be ordered as an option.

Brass Hinges
Solid brass fixed pinned hinges for areas of extreme corrosive atmosphere - an option.

Door Lites Style (U) - 4 x 48 for universal swing
Style (A) - 20 x 24 - swing must be specified
Constructed of white painted extruded aluminum and installed with quality sealant at factory. Door lite kits may be ordered separately and contain all components for field assembly.

Standard and Double Door Sizes
266030603668Double Doors7068
Custom Sizes
Special sizes may be ordered to meet customer requirements - contact factory for pricing and availability.

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